ARC Sign-up

This ARC sign-up is for my latest work in progress, Branches for Cover, a dark paranormal romance mystery set in a remote village in Alaska. This will be part of a series.

If approved, the official ARC will be sent via email sometime early December.

Blurb for the book:

Kinna is trapped in hiding in a remote village in the Mouth of Daylight, aka Kake, Alaska.
She catches fish for money in the daylight and hunts for food by moonlight, all the while praying the Alpha of her ex-pack doesn’t find her. Because if he does, she won’t survive the encounter.
That is, if the mysterious creatures in her own backyard don’t get to her first.

Ren is a lone bear, separated from his pack by choice–he isn’t interested in being a part of a feral, non-shifting society that lives only for seeking blood instead of a way to prevent the worst of their curse. Ren seeks a cure, a cure that can only be found in a particular coven of witches–a coven that just happens to be long-dead.
Or so he thinks.


This is Kelley’s rawest, darkest series yet, filled with swearing, sexual situations, and violence. Intended for mature readers only.

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